What We Believe

As Engineers, We Build

  • We build People first, then products - our on-boarding is extensive, but friendly;
  • We simplify complexity to make things easier to use... even if it is sometimes hard for us to explain how;
  • We Disrupt our biases and our products regularly... We are real improvement junkies;
  • Why? Well so that you as an engineer can build it, run it and fix it - until your technology 'baby' grows up and does not need you any more!

As Engineers, We Reach The World

We reach 67% of all mobile devices worldwide with our code - which is super cool!

As Engineers, We Help

We walk the ground that only few dare... or care. We build products for people who need them and don't hang a price tag on everything. That's why we like contributing back. Example, our COVID-19 bot that helped public and government health organizations provide up-to-date information (Thanks to the Mobile Ecosystem Forum for recognition).