Infobip At A Glance

Stability - With Platform And Growth

From little over five employees and around 0.2 billion interactions in 2007, to more than 4.000 employees and more than 2.000 billion total interactions in 2021, here's how the company grew in numbers through the years.

What We Solve

We abstract complex network connectivity through exposure of our platform services APIs Connecting and - partnering with more than 700 Mobile Network Operators we - create the largest communication platform network in the world, possible to reach any mobile device across the globe.
Alas, so far we connect just 67% of the world's mobile devices.

Our Solutions And Products

We connect businesses with their clients through our world #1 CPaaS (Communication Platform as a Service) platform, but we strive for so much more. Here's how it looks:

Engineering Offices with 100+ Teams

The Infobip engineering team includes 850+ engineers across a dozen Engineering Offices (blue dots), across 5 continents.