Hiring Process - Step by Step

If you apply for an engineering job, here's how the interview and selection process will look.
Nobody is ever thrilled with the selection process for a new job, so - to make it easy for you - here's what to expect while applying for an engineering job at Infobip. We really try to put you in the focus and and give you direct feedback during the whole process. While we can't promise that we will hire you, we can make the process a positive experience.

Step 1: First interview; 30 minutes

  • You will talk to our Talent Acquisition Specialist
  • How to get ready: Your CV and a short call
Before this conversation you will most likely receive a call from our Talent Acquisition team to arrange the most suitable time for the call. This is the right the moment for you to polish and update your CV or LinkedIn profile. Feel free to choose one or both, and send it to us before the interview. You will need a laptop with a camera, as we would really like to see you. You will get the interview invite via email as a link for Microsoft Teams, You don’t need to have an account, you can simply connect via your favorite browser. We can even do it via phone, but please not while you are driving.

What we will talk about: Your experience, tech interests and how you work

We will start with a short general introduction about Infobip, since we would like you to know who we are... and continue with a short overview of your current and past experiences and you will guide us through some specific project and your role in it.
We like to talk about tech, so please let us know:
  • What tech stack are you using;
  • What technologies are of your interest;
  • Your knowledge and practical skills about different types of architecture;
  • Your coding practices, e.g., code review. We'd love to know how you test your code and how you deploy your code, monitor it and scale it and whatever else would you like to share with us.
Don't worry, this of course depends on your seniority level, so we do not expect to hear everything.
Oh yeah, we would like to hear how you work in teams and how you organize your work. Do you work in agile or some other framework?
At the end we will talk about what motivates you as well as what your expect from this position, present you with opportunities in Infobip and answer any question you might have. And yes, we will talk about expectations on salary and benefits and tell you where it fits for us.

Feedback within 1-2 days

We will give you a call with our feedback and arrange the next step within 1-2 days. If we decide not to proceed with the application we will contact you to explain why.

Step 2: Technical interview; 60 - 120 minutes

  • You will talk to our Software Engineer and Talent Acquisition Specialist
  • Talk at our office or online
If possible, we would like you to join us at one of our offices to meet you. You might need to bring your laptop with installed IDE with you, but the Talent Acquisition Specialist will confirm this prior to the interview. If we are also doing this interview online, you will get the interview invite via email and link for Microsoft Team once again.
To prepare, refresh your knowledge and think about the technologies that you use everyday and basic concepts around them. And relax, we will probably drink coffee or tea during the interview.

We'll talk mostly about tech

After you give us a short introduction about your experience we will go a bit more in depth about the technologies you are using and how well you know them. We promise not to ask random questions and definitions that you may need to know for some of your college exams. We focus what is relevant for our everyday work and your understanding how to solve some problems using technology. This is an opportunity for you to get to know us a bit better and we always say it is not interrogation but a conversation, so please feel free to ask the questions along the way.
You may have noticed that we mentioned something about IDE, so yes, there is going to be some coding practice or algorithm challenge that may differ depending on the tech stack and position. You will get all the information from our Talent Acquisition prior the interview to prepare and avoid any stress.. We would like to use this opportunity for you to meet the rest of the team and to ask any question about us and our way of work.

No waiting: Feedback right during the interview

We will give you direct feedback during the interview and if we decide to proceed organize the final step.

Step 3: Final interview; 45-60 minutes

  • You will talk to an Engineering Manager and Talent Acquisition Specialist
  • Don't prepare for this step, really
We actually don't want you to prepare for this final step in any specific way. We might meet live or online. Our Talent Acquisition Specialist will provide you with additional information.

Talking about your expectations and career development

Start with saying 'Hi!', right? Our Engineering Manager will like to know you bit better, focusing on your expectations, motivation, career development and previous challenges that helped you to become an Engineer. We would like you to have all the information before both us and yourself come up with a final decision, We don't do tricky questions, at least not the obvious ones. This final interview includes complementary feedback from both sides.

Go or No-go

Well, it is a go or no-go situation. We will communicate the offer details to you, or if we do not decide to proceed, we will give you some suggestions on how to improve. We don't like to close any doors and while this might be the right moment for us to collaborate, it might be a matter of time. We do stay in touch for future opportunities.

Step 4: Feedback and offer

  • You will talk to a Talent Acquisition Specialist
  • Get any questions ready
You receive a phone or video call from our Talent Acquisition specialist to discuss the final feedback. Feel free to prepare any questions that you may still have about the position and engineering Infobip. Find a calm and quiet place where we can discuss the details.

Details, details...

We will discuss the offer details, equipment, compensation and benefits package, agree on the start date that is suitable both for you and for us and share with you information about the next steps to ensure smooth transition to Infobip. If we decide not to offer you position at that moment, we will give you complete feedback on the entire process, why have we came up to this decision and what can you do to improve and try again later.

Accepting an offer

If you decide to accept the offer and join us in Infobip, our Talent Acquisition specialist will share information about documents that you need to deliver so that we prepare the contract in the timely manner. All of our future employees need to go through a background check. After everything is ready, you will be contacted by our Employee Administration department to agree on a date and time to sign the contract and pickup your equipment.
The week before you start, our Talent Acquisition specialist will call you to share the information about your first day at Infobip. From this moment on, well...welcome to the roller-coaster, welcome to Infobip Engineering!