We believe that an Engineering Powerhouse such as ours has the power and responsibility to help shape the engineering community - on both a global and local level (for example Croatia or Slovakia).
Through many of our activities such as meetups, conferences, competitions, coding challenges, sponsorships and knowledge sharing initiatives we aim to create an environment that inspires and fosters a true engineering spirit - even outside Infobip .
The best part is the fact that our engineers have full ownership of the events they want to create!
We stand behind our "by engineers for engineers" mantra and that's why most of our events are fully driven by engineers who decide on what they want to talk about, how they want to do it and who they want to talk to.
Besides the events we stand behind, our engineers are also often speakers at external conferences, events and activities in local Universities, being recognized as experts in the community. If you want to share your knowledge selflessly, we are here to support it.
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