Steep Learning Curve
Infobip is built on an engineering mindset and we take pride in that. As engineers, we take learning as an inseparable part of the job. In order to boost the learning curve we have a structured approach to onboarding.
  • Every new employee gets a personalized, structured onboarding plan.
  • Our carefully designed Engineering onboarding program provides the fastest way for a new engineer to build the foundation.
  • Dedicated mentors enable continuous interaction to fill any knowledge gaps.
Infobip engineers have access to various internal and external education content and personal education budget. Infobip experts' knowledge and willingness to help ensure fast learning curve and faster time to productivity. There is no better recipe to make an impact as early as possible. Sense of contribution is our main driving force.
With a community like Infobip Engineering, those individual contributions have a compounding impact.
We build on top of each other's ideas and deliver a larger and more complex system than any individual or small team could produce. Getting you onboarded and up to speed quickly means you can start contributing to this shared product sooner.
On the other hand, our in-house built applications are just the tip of the iceberg. We love opensource and the bulk of our technology stack is built on top of it. That ensures that the knowledge you acquire here is generally applicable. So you aren't learning just about our proprietary services, you are learning about standardized, open technologies.
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