Your Onboarding Plan

When thinking about how to become a part of the Infobip team and our culture, we want to be clear and direct when it comes to expectations. It's why we create an onboarding plan (OBP) for you - with you.
The onboarding plan is a tech-specific written plan based on the development of your role and responsibilities. Keep in mind that the OBP is a living document, tracking your progress and also defining improvements during your 1on1's with your mentor.
You have benchmarks at:
  • 30 days (1st month);
  • 60 days (2nd month);
  • and 90 days (3rd month).
To successfully accomplish your benchmarks we prepare various activities through a weekly or daily schedule. You'll be provided with tools and technology in use and we'll help you to get to know people who'll you be collaborating with, learning by doing tasks to understand the scope and way of work.
If you want to know more - and we know you do - you'll also have additional resources such as links and documents for self-paced learning to spark your engineering curiosity.
The plan will be available in our Engineering Confluence and will be in your ownership as you arrive. While your mentor is your main support, your team will also help you.
We know you want to contribute and be productive as soon as possible - we want that too.
Your OBP makes getting there easier and helps us speed up the process. Instead of blocking your onboarding with predefined tasks, the plan points out what you need to acknowledge first to be able to be an independent and individual contributor. By taking simple sprint tasks and overcoming challenging situations you are on your way to be able to handle harder tasks. This helps build your confidence and makes you autonomous in your day-to-day work.
Nothing is set in the stone, especially at Infobip. We definitely optimize everything as we go but we really try to nurture our engineers along the way. The plan is a starting point for both of you and us and sets the fundamentals for your further development.
We also invite you to be as actively involved as possible - by proposing and defining your further goals and planning for own development.

Feedback from mentors and mentees

I've been working as an Infobip engineer for almost two years now. I'm proud that I had an opportunity to participate in our onboarding program both as a mentee and as a mentor. Being a mentor is a big responsibility. You are the one, together with your team, who has the opportunity to introduce best practices, know-hows, in-house technologies and company culture to the new employee.
Moreover, you are the person the new employee should rely on and it is very important to be prepared and to allocate enough resources to be able to lead the onboarding process in a way that you mentee gets most out of it. That's where a structured Onboarding plan helps you the most (especially during the work-from-home periods). When writing an initial onboarding plan I try to concentrate on things that are important for a quick start, such as internal tools and technologies as well as team's products and services. Also, I try to gather information about the interview process and mentee's experience to detect potential opportunities as soon as possible.
The Onboarding plan may seem to be strict or too formal at first, but it's definitely not how we look at it here in Infobip. Everything in there is flexible and can change and develop during regular or informal meetings. Mentee is free to suggest changes and provide insights which are the goals that we might focus on. The benchmarks are here to set the pace and track covered topics and areas. Also, that makes them a great opportunity for continuous feedback. Mentorship should never be a one-way learning process, new employees bring a fresh point of view and a different knowledge. As a mentor, I try to improve as much as I can along the way. I would definitely describe Infobip onboarding process as very dynamic and, from my personal experience, very enjoable.
Filip Srnec, mentor
My onboarding plan was very detailed and thought out, especially for the first few weeks. I've had activities and goals defined on daily or weekly basis which were actually a great way to tackle inevitable information explosion. I've had presentations from various team members about each of the services, plus i had a lot of documentation to read. Whenever I had issues or questions about anything, my mentor was there to help me or guide me, ranging from simple equipment failure to technical questions about our services. We also reviewed our goals regularly, and changed them or adapted them if needed. All in all, I've had enough time to get to know team and team practices, which is impressive when taking into account difficulties of working (and being onboarded) from home
Zrino Pernar, mentee

Infobip Onboarding Academy

During your onboarding, you'll go through our general company onboarding as well as specific engineering onboarding program. Let's jump to the general company level program first:

Infobip is sending SMS messages...right? Errr

'What does Infobip actually do? And why?', is something you'll be asked a lot. A LOT. To make sure you understand our business, you will go through Infobip's Onboarding Academy - a company level onboarding program. This is a very important start in your Infobip learning momentum, as we want you to understand the point and the purpose of often quoted Silvio's words We create seamless interactions between business and people.
Usually, once a month, all hired newcomers would gather in Vodnjan, Istria (Infobip's roots) where you would stay for 5 days. The goal of the Academy is not only to learn about Infobip in general but to meet, hang out and do the various activities with people that are just starting - same as you. This was something often described as once in a lifetime memorable experience. And maybe, just maybe, to enjoy the Istria coast, nature, Mediterranean cuisine, to meet people all around the world, learn not only the core business but to experience different cultures and behavior...

Onboarding Academy goes digital

In 2020, we had to think fast and adapt Infobip Academy to the new circumstances the whole world was in. Of course, the onboarding journey could not be the same as there is no in-live gathering. But finding possibilities to make things work with the pandemic as a challenge, gave us the opportunity to think about digitization. Now the Academy experience looks like this:
  • You'll be auto-assigned to a custom self-paced digital learning course through our learning platform Workday learning. It includes a set of sessions on our history, strategy, business and product portfolios with basics on tools and how we use them.
  • Besides the self-paced learning, we host a virtual live event once a month and has various interactive activities and connects us online. Topics about organizational culture and intercultural communication bring us all together, while highlighting the importance of diversity, inclusion and equity so we can think and reflect on how do we approach to each other.
Before we move on - just to make things clear. Understanding in depth, specifics of our services and products is not a one time opportunity. We know it takes time. We all went through the what-the-fuss phase. While general onboarding is a start, only with experience, day-to-day work and communication with the rest of your team will help you develop a deeper understanding of Infobip. Wait for the "Aha!" moments, they will come!
As you finished Onboarding Academy program, it's time to move on to functional level onboarding - your Engineering Onboarding Program.