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Our slogan says: "We are just starting" because we always strive for more. To achieve more and stay efficient we determine to stay flat - we chose to iron the hierarchy, not brains. This way we want to make communication, collaboration, and simplify decision-making so that a person who can make ANY decision is a ping away.

We expect everyone on the Engineering team to help each other, because otherwise you are not cool@all and we don't force you to talk, just to share. Doing so, we appreciate our engineers and colleagues being direct and opinionated and love to be beaten by a great argument. Therefore we expect and reward your impact.

We want every single person to be free to try, test, and learn from ideas and actions because every bit of knowledge clears the mind of assumptions that generate waste.

Our guiding principle is meritocracy, and certainly not mediocrity - we cannot lead the CPaaS industry by being average. We aim for Excellence by choice!

We like to think that without us the world would miss the way we challenge the communication industry.

Naive, right?

Welcome to Infobip and enjoy reading our Engineering Handbook.

Damir Prusac, VP of Engineering, Infobip

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