Referral Program

95% of our engineers would recommend Infobip
Infobip is a fast-growing company with 850+ engineers globally. The way we grow as an engineering powerhouse is through attracting and retaining the best talent. The best talent that fits our culture and values. One of the key ways we have managed to grow in numbers is through our referral program. Besides getting us the best candidates our referral program enables our engineers to directly influence our growth and choose the people they want to work with.
Fun fact: more than 30% of our hires in Engineering came from referrals.

Great engineers know great engineers

Early on, when Infobip was far, far from one of Europe‘s unicorns, the way we were recognized in the engineering community was through impactful personal connections. Luckily for us, a lot of great engineers already worked at Infobip and as they’ve spread the word about the great things we were building and the engineering culture that we nurtured, even more engineers wanted to join us.

Why referrals work

  • Engineers know other engineers - It's likely engineers will have a friend group consisting of other engineers, network of people with similar interests, or a whole list of people they remember from University from that time they did that super cool project together and stayed up to 2 a.m. making stuff work. Yeah.
  • You trust your peers more than HR - It's proven that we usually take what recruiter or HR says with a grain of salt. On the other hand, when you hear a good thing from a fellow engineer, you will most likely believe it. It is inevitable that a lot of catch-ups with friends over coffee and Sunday BBQs turn into the "How's work?" conversations. And when you hear about someone's first-hand experience with a company, it probably means more than a recruiter telling you we work in the latest technologies (even though we actually do!).
  • Actions speak louder than CVs. - Most of the time you don't get to choose people you'll work with. Your team will consist out of many different people with different backgrounds and personalities. You get to know them and their way of work only after a few months when they go through onboarding and get comfortable. But what if you... could? What if you actually knew what your future teammate was like? What if you already knew they have the best ideas or that they write the cleanest code or that they don't miss deadlines? That is exactly why referrals give us the best candidates. We believe that we hire the best people that hold the same values as we do. And we believe that people we hire refer only people they would like to work with and whose values and work ethics match ours, helping us shape and build our Infobip engineering culture.
So, to recap - our engineers act as advocates for Infobip, talking to potential candidates and getting them to apply to our open positions. Sounds a lot like a recruiter's day-to-day job, right? The end result is getting referred candidates that had technical skills, were the right fit and most importantly, were people that our engineers would like to work with.

Does that mean I get $$ every time I refer someone?

Not exactly. You get a reward that varies in amount only if the referred candidate is hired. We have developed a structured referral program that serves as a guide for everyone interested in making a referral. All the information on how to make a referral, what qualifies as one, why should you do it, and how we determine the reward amounts is available in our internal Employee Referral Handbook.
The rewards can go up to 2000.00 EUR per position, based on criteria such as seniority required, special skills needed, or the talent market.

What happens when I refer someone

Referrals are a much-appreciated source of great candidates. But that does not mean they get special treatment or that they get to skip any part of the process.
After you make a referral, our Talent Acquisition will review the candidate's application and CV and get in touch with the candidate within 48 hours.
If the candidate is a fit for the position, they will proceed with the first step of the selection process which is usually a video or a phone call.
If our Talent Acquisition believes the candidate is not a good match for the position based on their experience, they will try to find another opening they could be a better match for. If that does not work - they will call them to explain what are we looking in the specific job role and why it is not a good match at the moment.
The recruiter keeps the person who made a referral in the loop about the selection process, for example at what step of the process the candidate is at any given moment and about the final result of the selection. If the candidate is rejected in the early stages of the selection (e.g. not getting invited to the first round), the recruiter will get in touch with the person who made a referral and share feedback on the application and the reasons the candidate was not a great match. Talent Acquisition is there to share their experience and help make any future referrals successful.

You are NOT responsible for your referral's performance - during selection or later on.

We are aware that most often you can't guarantee someone's performance or technical knowledge or how they feel about working in self-organized teams. Most often you will find someone to be brilliant engineer with great technical knowledge but you don't know what kind of environment they prefer or you know someone would be amazing fit for Infobip, but you are not sure if they have the technical knowledge needed. It's rarely both. And that is okay.
We firmly believe in our selection process at Infobip and after you make your referral, we take full responsibility for the final result of the process. If we decide to hire someone - referral or not - it is our decision based on our objective assessment that they would do well in the company and fit in with our culture and values.
That is why we make sure our referrals go through the exact same process as every other candidate. If your referral does not pass the interview, we make sure you get feedback on why and help you make more successful referrals in the future.