Learning & Sharing
Your learning experience in your ownership!
We mentioned a few times that our engineers are eager to learn, but how do we assure that learning happens?
When it comes to technical knowledge, as having 850+ engineers in the Department, you have an opportunity to reach to people and proactively ask, suggest knowledge sharing. Depending on a team, you can find different opportunities to learn (such as informal book clubs, internal knowledge base on Confluence, internal meetups, etc.).
In developing your soft skills we have a Learning and Development department. L&D offers different initiatives and products, depending on your time in the company, your career plans, your challenges or your interest – personal or professional. Purpose is to help develop innovative and caring leaders and to support culture of learning and knowledge sharing. Mentorship, Leadership, Coaching... L&D provides it all.
Our internal company level knowledge sharing program is Bippers educating Bippers. The program is offering diverse topics delivered from Bippers to Bippers. You can apply to hear whatever interest you or either take a part as a trainer, sharing your own expertise and experience with the rest of the company.
When exploring new topics or want to get some new insights, you have access to Udemy platform. Among numerous courses you can choose what fits your needs and curiosity the best.
If there is a need for external education or technology specific certifications, depending on education budget we are arranging additional training packages or certifications.

Internal Education From 3000+ Experts

We aren't all engineers though. When you work at a company with 3000+ people like Infobip, you realize you kind of have at least 3000+ sources of knowledge and expertise right under your roof - it's a resource for internal, not just external education.
We also have our very own Learning and Development department that is focused on creating in-house training programs and knowledge sharing initiatives. For example, we have our 'Bippers educating Bippers' program which gathers those who have some skill or knowledge to share and those who want to learn more about it! The topics range from soft skills to technical skills to Infobip-specific skills. Just some of the courses you can sign up for:
  • Structuring Machine Learning Projects,
  • Excel Extensions,
  • The Subtle Art of Feedback,
  • Troubleshooting Traffic 101 - Channels and Services,
  • Design Thinking,
  • How to Make Impactful Presentations.
Our Learning and Development department also created programs designed to provide you with needed skills for taking up a new role at work such as Management Essentials, our Leadership Academy and Mentoring Program.

Self-paced video courses at Udemy

Self-paced learning with video courses on the topic you're interested in that you can access any time sounds like a cool thing. We're pretty sure anyone who ever tried some self-development heard about Udemy courses. You will have unlimited courses on a variety of topics are right at their fingertips for free with our Infobip business account. Every employee has access to it from day one.
And we're happy to see that our people are making time for learning because our data shows that at Infobip we actually use Udemy more than the industry average with 84% adoption rate and 2,554 unique courses started.

Dedicated At Least 5% of Your Time to Learning

We know that dedicating the time for learning and development besides regular work and life obligations can be tricky. Keeping that in mind, our engineers have the possibility to allocate 5% of their time in the regular work day to learning.
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Internal Education From 3000+ Experts
Self-paced video courses at Udemy
Dedicated At Least 5% of Your Time to Learning